Almost 3 weeks without water in Altata, Navolato, meanwhile the water is wasted

Sinaloa.- While inhabitants of Altata, in Navolato, are no drinking water supply since almost three weeks, in the facilities where the pumping system the vital liquid is wasted, and so it can be seen in images and videos that individuals have circulated on social networks.

At the same time that homes and businesses suffer from shortages, where the system is located, waterlogging is observed and how the water runs, that which does not reach the inhabitants.

The problem has worsened to such a degree in recent days, members of the Altata Neighborhood Committee have organized to load drums into trucks, fill them and take water to the families.

Several people have joined this work, to whom the same neighborhood committee has extended their gratitude on social networks, where there are also images of the filling and hauling.

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This action reinforces the hauling in pipes coordinated by the liquidator to bring water, both to families and to commercial establishments, where they affirm that there are serious problems in serving customers, especially in the restaurant sector.

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