Alert! Ahome businesses that do not comply with health protocols will close

Los Mochis, Sinaloa.- Because the first weekend there was a social overflow, especially of children under 12 years old in shops, squares and restaurants and other spaces, the municipality of Ahome could reverse the recently established measures, there could even be some closings of establishments.

This was stated by Francisco Espinoza Valverde, director of Municipal Health of Ahome, who recalled that the measure of increasing the influx and schedules in the different spaces as well as allowing the entry of minors in response to a request from the commercial sector that has been seriously affected by the contingency.

“The request of the business in general to the municipal authorities was that they give access because many families were limited in their purchases, the determination was made observing that there is a decrease in cases. That does not mean in any way that sanitary measures should not be complied with, ”he said.

Francisco Espinoza, director of Municipal Health of Ahome. Photo: Debate

The municipal official insisted that these new provisions came up with something very clear; it had to be complied with because otherwise, it would be reversed immediately if it was considered that there was a risk of a new wave of infections.

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“As a municipality, Civil Protection, Municipal Health, Inspection and Regulation, even the Economy, were very direct and very clear that businesses that fail to comply with sanitary measures may and should be closed if they are not complying with them. less doubt that this is going to be carried out by Civil Protection, without a doubt there may be this type of sanctions in case of non-compliance ”, he added.

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