Alejandro Fernández, with mixed feelings, cries in a show dedicated to Don Vicente Fernández (VIDEO)

Following the teachings of his father Don Vicente Fernandez, the living legend of Mexican music, Alejandro Fernández “El Potrillo” applied the famous saying: “the show must go on.” While his father remains at the Hospital Country 2000 in the city of Guadalajara, Jalisco, the interpreter began his tour “Made in Mexico” with his first-born son. Alex Fernandez, fruit of the marriage he had with beautiful America Guinart.

Alejandro Fernández recently held the first show of his new tour in Sacramento, California (United States), a show that was dedicated to his father Don Chente.

One of the most emotional moments was when father and son sang “Time does not forgive”, musical theme that “El Potrillo” has performed on several occasions with “El Charro de Huentitán”. Now he had the opportunity to do it with his son Alex Fernández.

While they carried out this interpretation of “Time does not forgive”, several photographs of Don Vicente Fernández, Alejandro and Alex were projected on the stage screens, as a tribute to the Patriarch of the Fernández Dynasty.

In social networks, a video went viral where Alejandro Fernández cries when he sees his son sing; at the end they both merged in a loving embrace. “Bravo! Thank you very much, applause for the Little Foal”, expressed the proud father.

On the other hand, Don Vicente Fernández has been hospitalized for more than a month; At first he entered the aforementioned hospital, for a cervical injury from a fall from height at Rancho Los Tres Potrillos. Later the doctors diagnosed him Guillain-Barré syndrome, a condition in which your immune system attacks your nerves, leading to other health problems.

According to the last medical report of Don Vicente FernándezIn general, the 81-year-old singer has remained “stable with a stationary evolution”, mainly in relation to his neurological condition and mobility; he continues in the intensive care area under close medical supervision, he is stable, awake and without medications that affect his condition.

Alejandro Fernández’s father continues with a tracheostomy, he still depends on respiratory support intermittently, since he persists with weakness in breathing muscles. He has presented mild inflammation in his airways due to assisted ventilation, his feeding continues through a gastrostomy tube due to inability to swallow. The doctors treating the singer pointed out that “the recovery in mobility derived from his illness (Guillain-Barré Syndrome) will be very slow.”

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