Alejandra Valdés Arellano is removed as general manager of Jumapag in Guasave

Guasave, Sinaloa.- At an ordinary meeting of the Board of Directors of the Municipal Board of Drinking Water and Sewerage of Guasave (Jumapag), the decision was made to withdraw from the general management Alejandra Valdes Arellano, who will return to his position as technical manager of the paramunicipal.

It was the mayor Aurelia Leal López who, in general matters, made said request, noting that the official still continued to attend mostly to the technical and did not give attention in other important areas.

Mayor Aurelia Leal López reported that the issue of dismissal from office had already been discussed with the same official, who agreed to return to her former position.

“I have been talking with the engineer Alejandra, who I consider a very capable person in her area, but not in social management with users and, well, on these issues, I asked her and she also agrees to return to his previous position and, therefore, the dismissal ”.

The municipality stressed that Valdés Arellano does not leave because of mismanagement, but because of details in the attention to the user.

“Alejandra does not leave due to mismanagement or anything like that, on the contrary, I thank her that in the time she was there, she paid the Federal Electricity Commission, we already owe two million pesos nothing more, an agreement nothing more; she wants to walk in everything too and here either you put yourself in one place or you put yourself in another and, well, attention is paramount, sensitivity, listening, I think they are one of the most important factors in this. ”

Leal López, after explaining the reasons for the decision, asked the councilors of the productive sectors to be the ones who appoint the new manager.

“For this I ask you, counselors, because I have not come to put people in my favor, I ask that you please name someone, that you consult him and that you name him and we will see him in the next meeting”.

He explained that once the name is agreed between them, let them know to hold an extraordinary meeting exclusively for that, meanwhile, Alejandra Valdés will continue in the position.

“Therefore, Alejandra will continue in this position until you name someone, consult him and we meet extraordinarily for that … When you have the person, the counselors will appoint him, you agree, I will not come to put whoever follows the roll, I come so that people have the best attention and that it is something transparent.

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In other points, the creation of a salary tabulator was approved in accordance with the Austerity Law, to prevent trusted workers from continuing to increase their salary as they have done on two occasions, said Leal López, who added that with this they would be saving around 300 thousand pesos on a monthly basis.

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