Alberto died after being electrocuted while working waterproofing a house in Navolato

Sinaloa.- When he was carrying out waterproofing On the roof of a home in the municipality of Navolato, Sinaloa, a worker suffered a electric shock dying moments later for the injuries he accused in different parts of the body.

Information provided by security sources indicates that the unfortunate man responded to the name of Alberto N, no details were given of his other generals.

The report of the work accident was notified to the authorities around 5:20 p.m., where the presence of emergency corps in an address located on Raúl Ramírez street, on the corner of Jesús García, in the Obrera neighborhood, in the sugarcane municipality, since a man was badly injured when he received an electric shock when he touched a cable. high voltage when being on top of a roof of a house doing maintenance work together with other people.

An ambulance of Red Cross, as well as preventive elements, and firefighters, moved to the aforementioned place to provide help to the affected person.

According to versions of the same companions of the deceased, it was that they were waterproofing the roof of the previously located home, when by accident with the roller that he carried in his hands, Alberto touched the high voltage cables of the Federal electricity commission who are a few meters from the property and fell struck down.

The other workers who were close to him tried to help him but when they saw that he did not react immediately, they asked for help.

After being checked by paramedics, they determined that he no longer had vital signs, so they informed preventive agents to cordon off the area and report to the State Attorney General’s Office to take over the case.

Researchers from the Ares group and specialized experts from the FGE they went to the home where the tragedy occurred to carry out the proceedings.

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After an hour of working at the scene of the accident, fire rescuers were ordered to lower the body from the roof so that it was transferred to the Culiacán amphitheater to practice law studies and later handed it over to family members.

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