Ahome mayor-elect could reveal part of his cabinet on September 20 Who will they be?

Surprise. A great commotion caused the visit on Friday of the President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, to Sinaloa, especially because at the inauguration of the Pediatric Hospital of Sinaloa he announced that Governor Quirino Ordaz Coppel would join the federal cabinet for his good work in the state , so that it continues to transform the country. At that time he did not give details of the position to which he would invite him, but already yesterday Saturday the mystery was cleared: he will be an ambassador. Those who saw the morenistas present at the event up close, including Rubén Rocha Moya, say that they just opened huge eyes. Quirino to the 4T!, Said several Morenistas of Ahome. It was yesterday Saturday, while López Obrador and Ordaz Coppel were visiting the south of the state, when the Ministry of Foreign Relations confirmed that AMLO had proposed Quirino Ordaz as Mexico’s ambassador to Spain. Then the president confirmed it. How’s it going!

Again. The one they say is already dying because November 1 arrives, but to go home, is Mayor Nubia Ramos. Yesterday, tired of waiting more than a month for a solution to the problem of drinking water, the inhabitants of the community of Capomos, El Fuerte, joined the protests over the water issue. They demonstrated at the Municipal Palace and also blocked the entrance arch on the Los Mochis-El Fuerte highway. And it is that since CFE cut the power supply to the Water Board and parapeted some emergency teams, a month has passed and they have only had water at the head and with poor service. They say that the water they are sent in pipes from the City Council and Conagua are not insufficient. Now Martín Vega Álvarez, traditional governor of the Capomos ceremonial center, presided over the demonstration. They no longer hold!

Scare. After it was said that on Friday some members of the cabinet of Gerardo Vargas, the elected mayor of Ahome, would be announced, many were shocked because the invitation did not arrive. They even say that some thought they would not be required, that they were already out of the game, but when people close to them calmed them by telling them that he left the city for a family matter and returning they would make themselves known, they breathed at ease. Now they will have to wait until after September 20. Ugh, what a scare!

Stop ear. By the way, with the message that the elected mayor of Ahome, Gerardo Vargas Landeros, wrote on his Facebook on the occasion of Agriculture Day, many producers saw a glimmer of hope that it will be a support in their negotiations. “In Ahome, farmers produce quality food that supplies Sinaloa and the entire Mexican Republic, that is why it is important to ensure that support and impulses reach even all farmers.” Could it be that now they will not have to make demonstrations? They say that those who have been called to testify before the FGR for the protests against Multigrain, such as Baltazar Hernández, from El Carrizo, just outlined a slight smile. We will see!

Unfulfilled. The one who says that he works to counteract the wave of covid-19 in Ahome is the delegate of Roads and Transport, Gabriel Vargas. He even confirmed that up to this moment three drivers have been sanctioned for not correctly using the mask, but what it seems that his subordinates have not told him are the complaints of transport users, who have uploaded to social networks how in Several routes the trucks do not respect the capacity or healthy distance between the seats of the units. Let’s see if now that Atusum increased the number of trucks on school routes it benefits others as well.


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