Again, Morena refuses to create a follow-up commission to L12 in the CDMX Congress

Once again, the deputies of Brunette in the Congress of Mexico City, they blocked by majority the creation of a Special Plural Commission to follow up on the accident of the Metro Line 12.

Also, as in the First Legislature, during today’s ordinary session, which passed between accusations of factious use of the Board of Directors To give the floor, the Morenoites and their allies once again faced off against those of the PRI-PAN-PRD-MC regarding the issue of the collapse in the golden line that left 26 dead and 99 wounded.

Likewise, among the technical difficulties because the session was carried out in a virtual, and the disorder to speak, the assembly became inaudible for some moments.

In addition to the fact that the opposition blamed the president of the Board of Directors, Hector Diaz Polanco, to give Morena a loose tent, those of his bench, to present their arguments against the commission, while they were limited time to speak.

While another of the points in dispute was the argument of the PAN member Ricardo Rubio, who recalled that Congress did create a special commission for the case Ayotzinapa, which was criticized by the Morenista Gerardo Villanueva, who regretted that such a case was equated with the accident of the Line 12.

Meanwhile, on the Morenoist side, Jesús Sesma of the Green Party assured that this type of legislative group only “bog downThings, while making the processes more democratic.

Line 12 in Congress

After the public presentation of the Final Technical Opinion of DNV Regarding the collapse of the elevated section between the Olivos and Tezonco stations, on September 9, the National Action team presented a point of agreement before the Plenary for the Metro director to appear, Guillermo Calderon, as well as that the Prosecutor’s office In the capital, inform the legislative body of the progress in the investigations into the event.

However, despite the fact that when presenting it, the deputies affirmed that it would satisfy the call for justice of the relatives of the victims and the injured, the point of agreement was blocked by the Morenoite majority.

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While another issue blocked by Morena was the request of the opposition to ask the Attorney General’s Office of the CDMX (FGJCDMX) to summon the former director of the Metro Collective Transport System (STC), Florence Serrania, for the flaws in the maintenance of Line 12.


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