After losses, producers return to plant vegetables in Mazatlán

Sinaloa.- After the lands of the agricultural fields of Sinaloa will be filled with water, farmers they find each other planting vegetables, such as jalapeño, serrano, tomatillo and beans. In some cases, it was replanted.


Growers in the south are confident that this season will be a good one, as last year it was chaotic. The chili came to cost up to 1 peso per kilo in the market.

Antonio Becerra Montiel, a producer from the south of the state, commented that from this week they began to plant their products again.

He indicated that families are already concerned, since it is normally planted between the end of August and the beginning of September.

“We have finally sowed again. People were worried. Here we give them temporary jobs, and many families trust each other because they work in the fields every planting and cutting season, ”said Antonio Becerra Montiel.

The people who work in the fields are from various towns, including Villa Unión, El Vainillo, El Walamo, Barrón, El Quelite, El Habal, El Recodo and the municipality of Concordia.

They ask for support

Some farmers seek some subsidy or support from the State and Federal Government.

“We ask for the support of the government, that they give us some subsidy to buy more plant or more rubber. We are concerned about the situation because some lands are still flooded and there are many people who depend on this every year and they are all of scarce resources, ”said Julián Lizárraga, farmer.

Some farmers lost machinery, plantations, materials that they use for planting, they acquired them with credits.

The damages

In total loss the agricultural and livestock sector of the south of the state was declared after the passage of the meteorological phenomenon Nora.

The president of the Río Presidio Farmers Association, Jesús Octavio Loaiza Torres, commented that the producers of the communities of El Recodo, Cofradía, El Arenal, El Walamo, Barrón and those located on the banks of the Presidio River were among the most affected.

“We declare the agricultural sector in the south a total loss. The water carried away what was sown. We are going through a very regrettable stage. Fortunately, we do not have human losses, but we do have economic losses ”, expressed Jesús Octavio Loaiza.

The livestock sector was also affected. Hundreds of cows died because the current carried them away.

To understand …

What happened?

After Hurricane Nora, the rivers and streams overflowed. As a result, the agricultural fields were also flooded and their crops were lost.

How many hectares?

According to the president of the Río Presidio Farmers Association, Jesús Octavio Loaiza, more than 2,000 hectares were lost in the south of the state after the passage of Hurricane Nora.

The good

Jesús Octavio Loaiza commented that the only good thing about the rains is that the dams were filled and they will have water, after more than three years in drought.

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The benefit

Thanks to the activities of the agricultural sector that take place in the south of the state, hundreds of families are benefited with temporary jobs. From planting work to cutting vegetables.

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