After declaration of emergency by Nora, support is expected in Escuinapa, Sinaloa

Sinaloa.- Municipal authorities are waiting for Escuinapa be included in the declaration of emergency that the governor of Sinaloa has requested, Quirino Ordaz Coppel to the federation for the effects generated by the passage of Hurricane Nora last August 29.

Saúl Acosta Alemán, secretary of the City Council reported that the documentation, information and censuses requested by the state have already been delivered to the different agencies in charge of integrating the files so that the south of Sinaloa is declared in emergency due to the effects of the passage of this natural phenomenon that hit the lands of Sinaloa.

“They have already come from the Civil Protection of the state to be signed documentation that is required as evidence and requirements to conform the records, which allows Escuinapa to be entered within the municipalities of southern Sinaloa that are declared in emergency due to the passage of the hurricane Nora ”, explained Acosta Alemán.

They expect support for the declaration of emergency in Escuinapa | Photo: Debate

He pointed out that with the declaration of emergency for Escuinapa it is expected that resources will be allocated to provide support to the families that suffered from floods due to the passage of Hurricane Nora, since it was the intense rains that affected this municipality.

German Acosta mentioned that Escuinapa fortunately with the passage of Hurricane Nora did not suffer severe damage to urban or road infrastructure, but the heavy rains did damage more than 450 homes due to flooding.

The municipal official stressed that the work has already been carried out to carry out the uprisings of the families that were affected in communities and neighborhoods of the municipality. Data that were sent to the different agencies of the state government.

He mentioned that they do not know on what date the benefits that the Federal Government grants to Sinaloa for the declaration of emergency could land, and they do not know if resources will be allocated or will be in kind.

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He concluded by saying that as a municipality they are very aware of any requirement or request that the state asks the municipality, since it is vitally important to comply 100 percent with the procedures that allow the families affected by the floods to receive support from the community. authority.


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