After almost 3 weeks without water, service begins to be restored in Altata, Navolato

Sinaloa.- After almost three weeks from without service drinking water in the receivership of Altata and villages from surroundings to coastal zone of Navolato, it begins to gradually restore.

Rafael Sapien, in charge of the pumping in the Altata receivership, explained that it was since yesterday afternoon that the water began to be restored, however, after so many days had passed without pumping in the plant due to not having electricity it takes a few more hours to avoid problems with supply pressure.

He specified that most of the communities that already have access to the vital liquid, and in those that lack it, it could take a maximum of 24 hours for it to reach homes, a problem that could occur in the higher areas who still remain without drinking water.

It was due to the debt that the Navolato city council maintains, with the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) that the electricity cut was made in the pumps of the Navolato Potable Water and Sewerage Board (Japan) and pressure could not be counted on to provide to the colonies and towns.

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Fearing that the water could be cut off at any time, the restaurateurs and inhabitants of Altata can be seen filling the water tanks and drums that were supplied for the more than 20 days that the water cut lasted, this because they have also been generated rumors that supply will only be a few hours a day.

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