After 15 days without water, the Altata restaurant owners desperately ask for a solution

Sinaloa.- Given the importance of having 15 days without water in their businesses, restaurants from Altata bay they ask prompt solution to the lack of water supply in the municipality of Navolato.

María del Carmen Quintero, owner of a restaurant located on Pier 33, regretted the length of the problem, since never in the history of the bay have so many days been without water, which makes it difficult to serve customers by having to move water in jars.

He explained that in the absence of a solution by the authorities, through the trustee, the vital liquid is being accessed through pipes that provide the tenants of restaurants for the necessary disinfection in food and care areas, and in the case of bathrooms sea ​​water is used.

He claimed the waste of water that is being carried out in the water intake of the Municipal Board of Drinking Water and Sewerage of Navolato (Japan) located at the entrance of Altata in which the blades that pump water to the receiverships were removed by the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE), since the water is being thrown away and generating a large puddle, water that would serve all people who have been without water for more than two weeks.

“Here in Altata, there is a lot of salt water, but it hasn’t been sweet for 15 days, I ask the mayor of Navolato, house by house to find out who does not pay, and that those are cut off, because we do not owe anything and for some we all take it “, claimed the restaurant entrepreneur.

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It should be noted that the problem of water supply in the municipality of Altata falls on the historical debt that the municipality of Navolato drags in electricity in the CFE, who, in the absence of a current agreement, limited the energy to Japan, leaving one without water. endless users.

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