Adamari López and her best hairstyles in the maximum gala events

Adamari Lopez The 50-year-old is one of the most beautiful women on the small screen and her face is one of the most beautiful in the middle of the show business, but she highlights them in different ways.

And it is that when he attends an important event the Puerto Rican driver immediately choose a hairstyle to be the sensation of the moment, that is why we will show you some of them.

Totally collected and high hairstyles are one of the favorites for the driver, because in addition to looking tall, she makes the features of her face stand out.

Wavy hair is one of the classics of Adamari López, who chooses this look for any garment, be it short or long dress, it is one of the artist’s typical hairstyles.

Adamari López of the most radiant with these hairstyles / Instagram

To make matters worse, accessories such as earrings and necklaces make the famous woman look much more dazzling, she has even managed to generate a trend among her fans.

The crepe is also one of the favorites of the also actress because she loves that luminosity that is given to her with this hairstyle with which the hair looks fresh and silky.

“Simply beautiful woman sure by herself beautiful”, “You look Bella, you are a great human being, simply wonderful”, “This woman makes me not blink @adamarilopez born talent has given you Daddy God”, write the fans to the looks of the presenter.

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