A teenager was murdered by her best friends so she wouldn’t reveal a “secret”

United States.- The teenager she was killed by her best friendswho planned the crime for months in the United States.

The 16-year-old Skyler Neese lived with her parents in Morgantown, West Virginia in the United States. It was on July 6, 2012 when she sneaked out of her house to be with her friends, however never comeback.

According to local media, Dave and Mary, the victim’s parents, worked at a Walmart chain supermarket and at a heart disease drug lab.

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The teenager studied at school his hometown high school and worked evenings at Wendy’s restaurant.

Skyler had two friends: Rachel and Sheilathe three remained together until death separated them.

The murder of the young woman shocked the entire population and according to the investigation, on the night of July 6, Skuler came home tired after work and locked herself in her room.

The next day, her father Dave came home from work and went looking for his daughter to deliver the car, but to his surprise, his daughter was not at home, they managed to force open the door of her room and she was not there.

The girl’s parents called her friend Sheila, who told them that they had spoken to her a few hours ago but had not heard from her.

Hours later, Skyler’s friend called her dad and confessed that they had been together that night with Rachel, but had only been out with her for an hour.

The parents went to the local authorities, who showed them the security videos of the street where they lived and the cameras managed to capture when the young woman went out the window of her room and got into a white van.

But the parents wondered: “With whom and why did our daughter run away?“.

Days passed and nothing was known about the whereabouts of the teenager, the FBI investigation agency entered the case along with the State Police, but everything remained an enigma.

Sheila y Rachel, her friends joined the search and they showed the supposed love they had for their friend on social networks.

It was rumored at school that Skyler had been in contact with a sexual deviant online, although suspicions took a turn when Sheila and Rachel began to behave strangely.

It was in January 2013 when Skyler’s body was discovered and Pennsylvania.

The authorities questioned Skyler’s friends and were surprised that both they had inconsistencies with their versionsso they began to be regarded as suspicious.

The police gave the young women a polygraph test and Sheila was calm and cool, while Rachel was unable to enter because had a panic attack and fled from the car in which her parents took her to get tested.

Since her friend had diedthey were having aggressive and strange behaviors.

The young woman’s mother called the emergency line saying that her daughter was uncontrollable, even hitting them and yelling at them, they could not understand the reason for her behavior.

Rachel decided to go to the authorities and confess to the crime, Sheila and she had stabbed and killed Skyler for “they didn’t like her and they didn’t want to be her friends anymore“, the authorities pointed out.

The teenager led investigators to the place where his body was from Skyler in a hidden forest on the outskirts of the city. The victim had multiple stab wounds.

What happened?

The three young women had gathered at Rachel’s house to have a good time and that day they consumed alcohol and lost track of their actions and under the state of intoxication, Rachel and Sheila had a sexual affair that Skyler witnessed..

The young women agreed that it would be a secret between the threealthough Skyler did something that seemed to break the promise and posted on her Twitter account that she would “tell the whole school the shit she knows”.

So the three friends started arguing over trivial issues, Rachel and Sheila were furious and started planning Skyler’s murder.

On July 6, 2012, Skyler got a call from her friendswho convinced her to go out to smoke marijuana.

Before midnight, a white Toyota van Sheila and Rachel were riding passed by Skyler and headed to a secluded spot where they could be quiet for a chat.

When they got to the woods, the three teenagers got out of the vehicle to smoke and there they realized that there was no lighter, so Skyler offered to go get it and at that moment the two friends attacked her with two knives.

It all happened so fast that Skyler didn’t have time to understand why she was doing it and she passed away.

It should be noted that Rachel’s family came from a very conservative and religious family, the young woman was in a romantic relationship with a man, so having sex with a woman could cause a scandal.

The two young killers were found guilty. of homicide and now they remain in a penitentiary center.

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