600 unjustly detained prisoners are released tomorrow

Tomorrow the federal government will pre-release 600 prisoners who unjustly lost their freedom, reported President Andrés Manuel López Obrador. In the National Palace, he also announced that four thousand more files of people in that condition are under review.

The president gave the floor to the Secretary of the Interior, Adán Augusto López, who presented without pausing, the pre-release procedure, published yesterday in the Official Gazette of the Federation (DOF).

Among the prisoners, without sentence or unjustly accused, are people over 70 years of age, who were also victims of torture -to whom the Istanbul Protocol will apply-, indigenous people who at the time did not have an adequate defense, as well as others who have been in preventive detention for two years or more or without a sentence.

“We carry out the negotiations with the competent judges, with the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation, the Attorney General of the Republic, with the purpose of expediting the procedures in pre-release, modification of precautionary measures and freedoms, since it is required to comply with a series of requirements established in the law.

“We must remember that, as of 2016, the granting of early release was the exclusive responsibility of the Judiciary, however, we have taken the necessary steps so that all elements of resolution are available in each case,” said the secretary. .

Thus, over the last few weeks, the official said, through the decentralized body for prevention and social rehabilitation of the Ministry of the Interior, reviews have been carried out in order to determine the pre-release without modifying the precautionary measures or obtaining your freedom.

“We can say that at the moment there are 4 thousand 233 files of people sentenced or in preventive detention, which were subject to analysis at the federal level and were delivered to the competent judges, the Council of the Judiciary, the Institute of Public Defense and the Attorney General of the Republic, as appropriate to each case, so we trust that they will be resolved gradually so that people can obtain their freedom. “

Today’s announcement tomorrow is the start of the process, the guidelines of which contemplate the follow-up of the procedures and requests for the inmates, among which, some could access the benefits of pre-release.

However, those who are prosecuted for crimes against the free development of personality, human trafficking, organized crime, kidnapping and other crimes that deserve informal preventive detention, may not be included in the application procedure. Among them is Israel Vallarta, head of the gang of kidnappers the zodiacs, replied the Secretary of the Interior.

He also pointed out that the governments of Chiapas and the government of Mexico City have already published their respective agreements to initiate the pre-release process. In the case of Chiapas there are 180, and in the capital of the country 40. We have therefore asked the rest of the governments in the entities to tell them the scope of their attributions and powers, to look for the legal routes for the pre-releases, modification of the precautionary measures and freedoms. Thus, as of tomorrow, “the granting of benefits to 682 inmates in Baja California Sur with 10, Baja California with 100 Nayarit, with 30 Oaxaca, with 48 San Luis Potosí, with seven Sinaloa, with 15 Tabasco, Tlaxcala with two, Veracruz with 50, Zacatecas with 57, and 36 of federal penalties ”. Source: La Jornada.


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