60 years after the death of Marilyn Monroe, theories of her death continue

Norma Johnthe real name of Marilyn Monroebarely reached the age of 36 yearsand she was already carrying the weight of fame as one of the leading actresses in the cinema and for her incomparable beauty, but unfortunately lost his lifehowever, the theories have not ceased to stop, as there are those who speak of neglect, suicide and murder.

Some speak of suicide, this is because the actress died alone in her bedroom at dawn and it has been said that she must have dealt with psychological and emotional problems, in addition to the fact that an empty bottle of Nembutal.

While there is also talk of possible medical negligence, since Marilyn suffered depression and they gave him frequent doses of barbiturates, so one option is that in the last medical visit he was prescribed a large amount of medication.

Others point to the option of a murder, as some say that Monroe had a relationship with the Kennedy politiciansLikewise, they say that they spied on them and listened to their conversations and since the actress had so much information about them, it was convenient for them to disappear her.

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It should be noted that the British journalist Anthony Summer carried out an investigation into the death of the actress, in which he was convinced that there was no murder, since there was no evidence, but the whole truth was not told, since the autopsy determined that the actress died on August 4 at at 11 p.m., but his body was found until 3 a.m. on August 5.

However, many may continue to comment on her death, but what is certain is that the actress will always be remembered for her beauty and unmatched charisma that left a mark on all generations.

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