566 days of the Covid-19 pandemic in Sinaloa, the danger continues

Powerful pandemic. With everything and the decrease in new infections, 566 days after having started, the Covid-19 pandemic in Sinaloa does not stop showing signs of its current danger. For the second year in a row, municipal governments were forced to suspend the national holidays that commemorate the beginning of the struggle for Mexican independence. After the third outbreak that generated a generalized emergency in the state as has rarely been seen in the history of this terroir, the governors seem to have understood that any relaxation in preventive protocols has a high price on public health and the lives of the citizens. The lethality of Covid-19 has not decreased either. In Mazatlán alone, in the last five days, 21 people have perished in the Buenos Aires municipality due to complications related to the disease.

Expensive price. With fear and a long wait, citizens are paying because of laziness they chose not to apply the first dose of the preventive vaccine against Covid-19. Every day, hundreds of citizens must return home without the dose because the health authorities in the state have decided to apply only 500 vaccines to the stragglers. In the vaccination modules, very early in the morning the cards are distributed. During the rest of the day, unvaccinated people are told that they will have to come back another day. This problem also affects those citizens who, for reasons other than laziness, also do not have the first dose of the vaccine.

Pending accounts. Just last Tuesday, the offshore fishing sector commemorated one more anniversary of the tragedy caused by Hurricane Ismael. The phenomenon seriously damaged 52 boats and around 57 fishermen died. That September 14, communications failed, the crews were not warned in time of the advance of the hurricane and they did not reach the shelters. But 26 years later, how much the conditions in which the fleet works have changed. After the tragedy, a commitment was made to clear the ports of refuge, and to date, many of them are obsolete to serve in case of emergency.

She hasn’t left the chair yet, but several want her. The governor-elect, Rubén Rocha Moya, has not yet uncovered all his files on the profiles that the secretariats will occupy as of November 1 in Sinaloa, but yes, each time the “shooters” to occupy any of these positions move more, and among them there are those who already prowl the General Prosecutor’s Office of the state of Sinaloa, which is still occupied by exombudsman Juan José Ríos Estavillo, who, beyond whether he owes the Sinaloans, still has two and a half years left, although it is also almost a fact that the new Administration will agree with him his departure to leave the chair to someone akin to morenismo. Swear that. The questionable thing is that the prosecutor has not yet left, and already the Ahomense Polo Palafox almost goes and sits in the chair to see if it fits. Another interested party, analysts say, is Óscar Fidel González Mendívil, who was already attorney general in Aguascalientes.


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