54 aggressors linked in two weeks for violence against women in CDMX

The head of the Attorney General’s Office of Mexico City, Ernestina Godoy, presented the results obtained after the issuance of the alert by violence from gender in the capital of the country.

On From weeks, of the August 28 to September 10, the Prosecutor’s Office linked process a 54 people accused of various crimes against women, girls and adolescents, explained the attorney general.

Of the total number of links, 29 were the result of compliance with orders from apprehension, while the 25 remaining were made on flagrancy by capital police personnel.

Among all the charges, 33 were for violence familiar; eight for sexual abuse; six for violation; three for femicide and equal number for about from persons, in addition to a case for the crime against sexual intimacy.

Given the number of links, Ernestina Godoy highlighted the increase in people who are presented before the judges and brought to trial by the CDMX Prosecutor’s Office.

Featured Cases

In the presentation of data, the prosecutor also enunciated cases highlighted by the public interest, such as that of the youtuber “Rix”, who agreed to an abbreviated procedure and pleaded guilty, for which he was not released, but instead agreed to an alternative justice process.

“It does not mean, under any circumstances, that this individual, known as Rix, has been exonerated for paying a fine, on the contrary, he is registered as a aggressor sexual with a criminal record. He will fulfill his sentence in freedom with the conditions that the Law establishes, “he explained.

Another case that presented advances was related to Ainara and Yoselinne “N”, highlighting the bonding the process of a young man accused of violation equated and human trafficking, in its form of child pornography.

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“This is the second apprehension achieved by our investigative police, of the possible aggressors of a young woman, whose sexual assault was committed by several people, in addition to being videotaped and disseminated on social networks,” Godoy emphasized.

Alejandro del Valle, former partner of Miguel Alemán Magnani, is arrested in Polanco


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