3-year-old Haitian girl dies after being run over by a trailer in Chiapas

Mexico.- A girl of Haitian origin, only 3 years old, died after being run over by a trailer when she was walking on the side of the highway Chiapas-Coatzacoalcos.

The death of the minor, who has left a huge void for the family who was only traveling in search of better living conditions, occurred at kilometer 133 of said federal road.

According to local media, the incident occurred on September 15, at approximately 2:00 p.m. when he was traveling with his family in search of the American dream.

The case has already been taken up by the Attorney General’s Office, who has initiated consular procedures with Haiti to provide support to the minor’s parents.

According to the reports, the minor’s parents quickly notified the authorities in a toll booth that is a few meters away, and although the migrants do not speak Spanish, with signs they explained what happened.

After the authorities carried out the proceedings, the body of the little girl identified as Melia was delivered to her parents who gave her a holy burial in the community of Malpasito, Chiapas to continue on her way to the United States.

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The father of the minor affirmed that he has traveled ten countries and never thought that his daughter would lose her life in this country, and although they mourned the loss of Melia, he said that they would reach the northern border of Mexico.

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