29 years have passed since the fight that changed the life of Julio César Chávez against “Macho” Camacho

Mexico.- Few are the dates that Julio Cesar Chavez does not remember about his time in boxing and September 12, 1992 It is one that he will never forget because in addition to marking a before and after in his career as a boxer, he also did it in life, bringing him the toughest fight he ever imagined but with drugs.

29 years ago from the Thomas & Mack Center in La Vegas, Julio César Chávez stepped into the ring to fight against Hector “Macho” Camacho, a Puerto Rican who arrived in his prime and who said he was sure of being able to defeat the Mexican who was already very close to the unbeaten record of 90 fights.

The fight excited friends and strangers as two colossi would fight face to face for 12 rounds in search of the best exponent of boxing. Just in that fight Julio César Chávez exposed his title Super light of the WBC something that gave him much more emotion.

An even duel that was decided in decision for the Mexican | Photo: Capture

By the night of September 12 it was just Julio and Camacho. The combat began and as expected none of them took risks but when they could go on the attack they did so without problems. Julio, with the powerful punch that characterized him, connected but could not make it effective, Camacho with his power and rebellion also responded but neither gave in.

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The fight got to the point where both were extremely tired, only one well connected blow was enough to declare a winner, but that never came, so the fight was decided by unanimous decision giving the victory to the Mexican and the effective defense of his qualification. The fight had been so exhaustive that it led Julio down the wrong path.

After the victory that had been a real struggle, Julio César Chávez assured that he thought that he had already won everything, that he was the best in the world, he had money, cars and everything that could be imagined, but in his thoughts that same no longer It satisfied him so he reconsidered if it was really what he wanted, he assured that although he won that fight and with everything he had, he felt alone and could not express it.

“Macho” Camacho fought until the last second of the 12 rounds | Photo: Capture

That same night with that thought, Julio’s career took an unexpected turn. What he had rejected for his ideals would become his new “friend”, the drugs. He assured that after the fight, the only thing he could do is think about consuming cocaine, the same that he asked his friends at the time of drug trafficking who accompanied him to that fight.

“When I fought with” Macho “Camacho it was crazy, really, I already felt that I had won everything. I had more than 20 million dollars in the bank, I had yachts, mansions, private plane. I had everything that a being human in life wishes to have but I made the mistake of taking drugs for feeling lonely “, Julio commented on more than one occasion remembering that moment in his career.

Thus began the most complicated phase of his life, addictions to drugs and alcohol and aggressiveness developed in him to the point of almost losing him on several occasions, from overdoses or suicide attempts. After 29 years from that moment, there are already 12 that Julio César Chávez has been clean and sober, a mark that has meant that he can call himself cured after an extraordinary fight pushed him into the abyss.

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