11 years of age were the ones that the smiling Ángela Pérez Zavala met

Culiacán, Sinaloa.- A very special afternoon was the one that Angela Pérez Zavala starred in when she arrived with joy at his first 11 years of age. And what better way to enjoy this date than with this nice gathering.

And for this special occasion, her parents, Carlos Pérez and Martha Jeaneth Zavala, along with her sisters, Alejandra and Alondra Leal Zavala, organized a hilarious swimming pool for her to cool off a bit in this hot season. A place where her grandparents, José Luis Zavala Cabanillas and Raquel Avilés, also arrived, as well as the Zavala Juárez, Verdugo Ramos, Pérez Barrueta families and many more people, ready to have an incredible time with the birthday girl.

Angela’s guests agreed days before the event and were sent to make colorful t-shirts in which, through messages with green and pink letters, they congratulated the girl on her birthday. Detail that filled the celebration with emotion when seeing them arrive dressed in that shirt at the place of their celebration because it was something that was not expected.

Of course, since her arrival at the meeting place, Angela did not wait any longer and went to cool off in the pool that was prepared for her to celebrate this long-awaited date. Minutes later he was joined by some more of those present who arrived early to spend more time by his side.

A couple of hours later, he left the pool to share a few hours with those gathered there and to receive each of the gifts they brought him. Which he thanked with a hug and a smile. Next step, he made a wish with his delicious cake and then proceeded to open each of his gifts. Details that you liked and were totally to your liking.



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